When you purchase a Royal Thanda Club membership, you will receive a full title and freehold ownership in this one-of-a-kind estate. Purchase one of the first ten Royal Thanda Club memberships (out of a total of 44) and you will automatically become a Founder Member of like-minded leaders, entrepreneurs, social investors, and adventurers. As a member of The Royal Thanda Club, you have preferential access to all of Thanda’s magnificent properties, including Thanda Safari, Thanda Island (off Tanzania, East Africa), and the Thanda Classic Cruise Yacht Over the Rainbow of London, which is based in the Mediterranean.

The Royal Thanda Club membership fees are underpinned by the current market value of The Royal Villas. A member wanting to sell a membership is obliged to offer the membership first to other members. Founder Members enjoy several additional benefits, including:

• A discounted membership purchase price as one of the first ten buyers, following Thanda Chairman, Founder, and Owner, Dan Olofsson, and Thanda CEO and Vice Chairman, Pierre Delvaux.

• A complimentary, superior furniture package is included in the sale price.

• Exclusive invitations to the annual Royal Banquet dinner (two tickets will be provided to each Founder Member). Founder Members will be seated at the main table with the VIP guest. Founder Members will also have exclusive access from time to time to other VIP functions.

• A Certificate of Founder Membership, signed by Thanda Chairman, Founder, and Owner, Dan Olofsson.


Thanda Safari is a celebrated Big Five private game reserve situated in the soulful wilderness of northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is world-renowned for its exclusive experience of the African bush and understated luxury, matched with its celebration of Zulu culture and passionate conservation of the environment.

Thanda Island

Thanda Island is one of the world’s most exclusive island getaways, a paradise for you to enjoy in complete privacy with family and friends. It took us ten years to discover and develop this remarkably uncommon destination as a very special, totally private island destination that we now invite you to experience.

Thanda Classic Cruise

Guests are welcomed aboard Over the Rainbow of London, a 115ft/35m, four-berth classic cruise yacht for a very unique cruising experience, where old-world elegance, nostalgic luxury, and a Hemingway adventure is what you can expect. With only a small number of guests on board, the entire boat is yours to enjoy as you take in the magnificent sights and Mediterranean scenery, all at a slow pace.